Jackie Newton has been clowning around since 1994. Her beginning clown days were filled with exciting travels and fun. Newton trained with several professional Ringling Brother's clown educators and expert family entertainers from around the world. Many of her first years in clowning included performances and venues with the famous Emmet Kelly Jr. and his entourage. Sparkie Da' Clown, Jackie's "other self", performed in Tombstone, Arizona where she was asked to "rob" Big Nose Kate's Saloon! After riding up on a big horse that didn't appreciate her oversized shoes, she whooped it up and grabbed the money! The money was larger than her shoes, which delighted the impish clown!

Newton has belonged to several professional clown organizations and has attended numerous workshops, clown training camps and the World Clown Conventions and Competitions. In 2011, Newton placed a third in the World Clown Competition in New York City for the area of performance/skit. In 2012 , she placed third again in the World Clown Competition for costuming. Approximately 22 countries were represented. She will attend the 2016 World Clown Convention and Competition in Orlando, Florida in March of 2016. It is Newton's future goal to house and book clowns from around the world to perform with her in her hometown in central Missouri.

More than anything, Newton's favorite people to work for are KIDS AND DOGS! Her love of children (and dogs) goes back to when she was a child herself....she loves being able to dress in clown and act like a kid with kids!! While her clowning has taken her to all parts of the country and beyond, from performances on cherry pickers and mechanical bulls to stages under the big top.....her love of birthday parties, family venues and community shows will remain her favorite. Her prices are affordable to the average parent. Her expertise in balloon twisting, facepainting, making laughter and conducting piggy races knows NO END! You want to have fun? CALL SPARKIE DA' CLOWN! If you have a child that doesn't like the clown costumes...Sparkie will become another character, anything from Sparkie Pirate Girl to a fairy godmother or a silly superhero! You name it!

This year, March 2016, Jackie Newton “Sparkie Da’ Clown” won the first place gold medal at the World Clown Convention and competition in Orlando, Florida for performance in a parade called Paradability. There were approximately 20 countries represented and about 200 clowns in attendance.